Market research

Classical marketing research methods

In-depth interview

During this personal meeting a well-qualified person will talk with the interviewed person, by which his/her motivations, views and feelings will be revealed about a given topic. At a professional interview we inquire with an expert or a corporate decision-maker, therefore, it makes possible to analyse the corporate side as well.

Focus group analysis

With a low numbered, specially chosen group of people we analyse the given problem in a way to answer the ’why’ questions. It ensures excellent results as an individual research, but as a supplement to the inquiries of great number of elements.


Observation (mystery shopping)

By this more frequently used observation method we can provide data about the suitability of the everyday work processes and the personnel’s level of work, and the incidental problems for the company.



We run surveys personally, via phone and online with great number of samples. By our countrywide surveying network we can configure also representative sample for Hungary by questioning people in their homes. At questioning we pay close attention to the non-probability sampling as well because of the relevance of the results.


World of Mouth

In case of products to be launched to the market or which are in the first moment of their introduction to the market, we undertake in-home tests and their recommendation to others. If the consumers are satisfied with the product, they recommend it for as many people as they can, so the product becomes known (word of mouth). If 100 tester recommend the product for ‘only’ 20 people, it generates 2000 reaches in short time. If we reach directly the ‘innovator’ consumer group who buy the product in the phase of introduction, we can have an effect to ‘early adopters’ who listen to the opinion of the innovators, so crowds will get to know the product in short time. Beside evolving loyalty and spreading, it is extremely important that new ideas (and a new innovation cycle) can be implemented by it.

New market research methods



By this method we elaborate and perfect jointly with the consumers a product’s or service’s idea, concept and prototype.

Netnography (Online, armchair-ethnography)

We observe the consumers on internet spaces (blogs, forums, social websites, etc.), through their activity we can explore their knowledge, attitudes and needs (consumer insights). Main advantage of this method with high know-how content is that the consumers tell their real opinion ‘objectively’ in such environment that is the most comfortable for them.

Eye camera

On the examined space (online, printed space, in-hall, shelf image, packaging) we can follow the movement of the eyes and we can determine whether the placed elements are seen in proper logical order, and which elements capture or escape the observation, so we can optimize the space to be the most effective.


At our own webpage ( different projects can be announced (product idea and package design, or developing a promotional story, etc.) and applicants can apply to elaborate these projects. From the uploaded project works the client can choose the most suitable and the winner gets his remuneration. On these high number of samples further research can be done and for the client it ensures fast optimizable results.

Big data analyses

This method is based on big data analyses and due to the special analysis methods it provides an effective, mostly visual representation of the results.

Projective techniques

By the application of this method based on clinical psychology we can get such valuable research results which couldn’t be came to the fore by other research methods.

Some recommended market research fields

  • Product development (innovation)
  • Concept testing
  • Price determination
  • Testing a product’s different parameters
  • Definition of the phase of product life-cycle
  • Consumer expectations to product quality
  • Bidirectional flavour testing by more than two samples
  • Packaging and flavour testing
  • Residential inquiries
  • Corporate inquiries
  • Development of communication plans
  • Point of sale inquiries
  • Eye camera analysis
  • Co-creation with consumers
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Netnography

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